Kim Duc: Sustainable energy for a sustainable company

Each of our solar projects proves that climate protection and a good return on investment are not mutually exclusive. The latest project, the 1.2 MWp solar plant for Kim Duc, is one of the most sustainable on the platform due to its overall size and associated CO2 savings on conventional electricity, and also offers a high rate of return.

Twofold sustainability

An investment in Kim Duc is doubly sustainable, as it not only supports CO2 emission savings but also promotes the growth of a sustainable business at the same time. As a manufacturer of reusable carrier bags and transport bags made from recycled plastic, Kim Duc is committed to reducing the world’s plastic waste. Now Kim Duc wants to switch to solar power for even more sustainability.

The new solar plant will save 982 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year for the company, making it one of the platform’s most sustainable solar projects to date. This is roughly equivalent to the annual emissions of two German supermarkets, where Kim Duc’s reusable carrier bags are often found.

Investing in the largest solar project to date

Sustainability and social responsibility define the company

Kim Duc is the market leader in its product category in Vietnam and one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the country. As a manufacturer of a wide variety of carrier bags and transport sacks for retail and industrial customers, Kim Duc places great emphasis on ensuring that all products are made from 100% recycled plastic. The bags and sacks are designed in such a way that they can easily be reused many times and are durable. At the end of their life, the majority of Kim Duc’s products are recyclable and can be reprocessed, closing the sustainable plastic loop.

In addition to its focus on sustainability, the company is also aware of its social responsibility. Through several major fundraising campaigns since 2016, Kim Duc has funded a total of 900 eye surgeries and 45 heart surgeries for those in need. The company has also donated medical supplies such as respirators to local hospitals and organised career guidance events for socially disadvantaged students from Ho Chi Minh City.

Support Kim Duc’s sustainability now

Record interest for a record project

This project not only sets new records for CO2 savings, but also for the interest rate offered. Investors receive 7.00% interest and can thus look forward to the highest interest rate on ecoligo to date. The increased interest rate results from the cooperation with senior lenders who will participate in the project portfolio financed through this issuer in the future.

Find out more about ecoligo’s new financing structure and additional lenders for large-scale projects here. Thanks to high standards and careful screening of all projects, ecoligo continues to keep investor risk as low as possible. Take the chance today to invest in ecoligo’s largest and most sustainable project to date. Click here to go to the project.