Tonnes of CO2 savings
Crowdinvestors who care about a greener future
Raised for sustainable projects

Our story

Fighting the climate crisis with affordable clean energy

Businesses in emerging markets are growing fast and need access to cheaper, more sustainable clean energy. While they’d benefit the most from solar energy, they often can't access financing. Crowdinvestors make solar projects possible. And those projects generate economic and environmental returns.

Our Impact

Renewables can turn this world around

A shift to clean energy will slow or even stop the alarming march towards climate disaster — but we have to act fast. Our solar-as-a-service is for businesses in emerging markets who want to keep growing, without higher energy bills or CO2 emissions.

The Team

Showing up every day to make an impact

The ecoligo team has a shared passion: Fighting the climate crisis. We hail from across the globe, using our diverse backgrounds, nationalities and expertise to collaborate in our Berlin office, at project sites and in regional hubs across the globe.

Our Partners

The keys to our success

Whether it’s an EPC company, industry association or startup, our partners help us achieve our goals. ecoligo is committed to being a stellar partner by building strong, professional relationships. If you’d like to partner with us, we’d like to hear from you.

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