The Future of Tourism is Green: How Your Investment in Condovac Makes the Vision of a Sustainable Hotel Facility a Reality

Impact investment in Costa Rica's project - Condovac

Costa Rica – A pioneer in sustainable tourism

The philosophy of Costa Rica – PURA VIDA – the pure life presupposes an intact nature. Therefore, the country protects its flora and fauna as the most valuable treasure. With 8% of the gross domestic product, tourism plays an important role for Costa Rica. Thanks to high standards in environmental protection and quality assurance, the Costa Rican tourism industry is far ahead in terms of sustainability.

Given the constant growth of the tourism industry – in 2019, the growth rate was 4.1% – it is a top priority to make the energy supply in hotel facilities sustainable. Almost 70% of companies in the tourism sector already obtain their energy from renewable sources. The majority of renewable energy comes from hydropower plants. However, due to large-scale flooding to create reservoirs, they are controversial. Solar energy offers great potential for hotel facilities as a sustainable and cost-effective energy supply.

Condovac – family paradise with green vision

In 1981 Benigno Jiménez and Gilda Vega founded the Hotel Condovac. Since then, the Condovac team, which now has 167 employees, has been welcoming vacationers at Playa Hermosa – the beautiful beach in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. But the Condovac team offers much more than relaxation and fun for the whole family. The operators pursue the vision of making the entire tourism operation sustainable and in harmony with nature.

“Our hotel facility is part of the nature that surrounds it. With each project we contribute step by step to protect this nature. We owe it that, and it fills me with pride to see us embrace that responsibility.”

Jose Alberto Rodriguez Revera
Chairman of the Board
Condovac project at ecoligo

Sustainable tourism operations thanks to impact investments: First steps implemented

The first steps have already been taken – thanks to the ecoligo investor community, 280 energy-saving air-conditioning units can save over tonnes 90 tons CO2 every year. In addition, your impact investments funded a solar water heating system for Condovac that will provide a total of 135.17 tonnes CO₂ savings over the next 15 years.

Enabling the future of a hotel industry rich in tradition with impact investing

The next step is to modernize the electrical installation – the basis for all subsequent CO₂-saving measures. Their investment in this project will enable the hotel facility to be efficiently supplied with solar energy, among other things, in the future, saving a whole 2,349.80 tonnes CO₂ over the next 25 years. Economical LED lighting will be installed in all villas and common areas in addition to more energy-efficient equipment to save a total of 50,370 kWh of electricity over the next 5.7 years. This corresponds to the avoidance of 80.68 tonnes CO₂.

But the modernization project is not only the foundation for a holistic sustainable tourism operation – it also ensures that the tradition-rich hotel company can continue to welcome vacationers to Playa Hermosa. Condovac is required to perform the upgrades in order to comply with the Health Department’s requirements as part of the revision of electrical installations. With your investment, you can help ensure that the hotel company, rich in tradition, will remain and that Condovac can continue to pursue its vision.

*Source:COSTA RICA Renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings in tourism.