Immediate cost savings

Your energy bill will drop as soon as your system is installed, giving you more room to grow your business.


A complete solution

From financing to technical implementation to system management, ecoligo manages everything for you.


Performance we guarantee

With remote monitoring and qualified partners, you’ll see top system performance. If you don't, we compensate you.

Why do clients around the globe choose ecoligo?

ecoligo offers the most flexible solar solutions on the market. Our contract options reflect that. You choose from a variety of pricing models and contract types between three and 20 years. We offer unparalleled accountability, thanks to our qualified partners and guaranteed performance. We don’t make money unless your solar system is functioning as it should.

On top of all that, our clients say we’re particularly easy to work with. And that makes getting solar a smoother, more enjoyable process for you.

A custom-built solution

Our solar systems aren't one-size-fits all. ecoligo's clean energy solutions are tailored to fit the size of your roof and meet your specific energy needs. Our flexible contracts and range of pricing options help you choose the financing models that will offer you the most savings.

Here's how it works

  1. We arrange a call with you and send you a tailored quote.
  2. We visit your site to develop a technical concept for your system. We discuss your financial needs to create a contract that's best for you.
  3. Once you're happy with the technical and financial concepts, our partners install the system.
  4. Your system powers your business with clean energy. Our final checks make sure your system is commissioned and operational. You pay ecoligo a monthly fee for the energy, while your utility bills start to fall.
  5. We maintain your system onsite and remotely monitor performance, and address any issues or concerns quickly and easily.

Get your solar quote today

Our teams in your country will give you a custom quote, so you can start saving energy — fast.