A climate crisis best solved together

Earth is in trouble. Climate change threatens the existence of all of us. The world's largest economies must work alongside emerging markets to reduce carbon emissions — or we risk letting global warming spiral out of control.

When co-founders Martin Baart and Markus Schwaninger lived and worked in Ghana and Kenya, they saw how transformative clean, renewable energy could be for businesses that were thriving, but hampered by high energy costs. These up-and-coming economies were booming, but businesses lacked access to affordable financing to implement a solar system that would help them grow and reduce emissions harming our planet.

Emerging markets: renewable energy hotpots

Emerging markets like Kenya and Vietnam are growing rapidly. The growth means that businesses in these markets have increasing energy demands that have historically been met by the burning of fossil fuels. Their electricity costs are also skyrocketing. Bringing solar to emerging markets has a two-fold benefit: clean, renewable energy plays a vital role in slowing the effects of climate change and growing businesses benefit from a lower monthly electricity bill.

The power of the crowd

The finance market in Europe showed us how crowdinvesting could be a fast and flexible funding solution for solar systems in emerging markets.

In the past, bank loans, with high interest rates, or institutional investors, who seek minimum transaction volumes of €1M, prevented projects from being realized. Crowdinvesting grew in popularity because private investors wanted the opportunity to make direct, transparent and tangible investments — with the added bonus of knowing they'd be funding a solar project that wouldn’t happen without their help.

From financing to solar-as-a-service

Beyond funding, getting a solar system up and running is a complex process best managed by experts. We created our solar-as-a-service solution to make getting solar as smooth and straightforward as possible. ecoligo manages each step — financing, building, operating and maintaining — to ensure systems last 20+ years. Because we manage each step, we’re accountable for the performance of the solar system and its impact on energy savings.

Let's fight for our planet

We’re steadfast in our commitment to taking actions that will save the world from the disastrous effects of climate change. Not next year. Not next week. Today. We’re proud to be leading a growing cohort of companies combining profit and purpose to create solutions we can use right now to the most urgent crisis of our time. Your investments are what make our projects possible.

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