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Global knowledge. Local impact.

Wherever you are in the world, we know solar can impact your business. That's why we have flexible teams on the ground to support you — in your language and time zone. On top of that, we use our global knowledge to bring you best-in-class renewable energy practices and solar solutions of the highest quality in the world.

Partners who know your market

Before we collaborate with local engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) partners, we undertake an internal qualification process with each of them. We only choose partners we trust to build a solar solution that will last and perform like it should. Our long and strong relationships with local EPC partners help us (and you) succeed with solar.

If you think ecoligo would make a great partner for you, please get in touch with us.

Meet our country managers

Our local teams are based in key cities in each market where ecoligo works. They also serve neighbouring regions. Wherever you are, our country managers will come to you so they can guide you through each step of getting solar.

Doreen Kanetey-Essel

Head of Sub-Saharan Africa
Her Ghana Jollof rice = extravaganza!

Jaime Gómez Marnell

Country Manager Chile
Born in Punta Arenas the city 'at the end of the world'

Thuong Duong

Head of Southeast Asia
Beer lover and devotee to his wife's cooking

Growing our impact

ecoligo entered three new markets in 2020 alone, with plans to enter even more in 2021. We’re growing fast on purpose and we’re committed to maximizing our impact — on your business and the planet.

We serve businesses across all industries. Because our solar solutions are flexible, we can adapt it to meet your business’ needs, whether you’re in farming or industrial manufacturing. Whether you’re a business in a market we haven't entered yet who needs solar financing or an EPC partner who needs a strong finance partner for its clients, we want to hear from you.

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