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Why crowdinvesting?

Crowdinvesting is an alternative, fee-free way to put your money to work. Unlike investing in funds, you know exactly who and what you're investing in, which is especially important if you want to avoid supporting fossil fuels.

Crowdinvesting is industry agnostic and has limitless potential for raising capital for projects or business ventures that you have a personal interest in — whether that's real estate, tech startups, or as in our case: clean, renewable energy.

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Signing up takes five minutes and is completely online — all you need is an EU bank account. Pick your project, fill in your information, and start investing with as little as €100. We’ll send you all your legal documents for safekeeping. The sooner you start investing, the sooner you'll start earning interest.

Choose a project

There are two investment types. Crowdinvestors either finance projects alone, or in partnership with institutional lenders. Other variables will affect which projects you decide to finance, such as the country, industry, business type, loan tenor, interest rate and sustainable impact.

  • Looking for more liquidity? Choose a short loan tenor.
  • Saving for the long-term? Maximize returns by choosing a high interest rate project and a long loan tenor.
  • Fell in love with Vietnam when you visited? Invest in a project to support that country’s sustainable development.

Receive repayments

It’s what we all wait for — the return on your investment. Our track record is perfect: all projects have been paying to crowdinvestors on time and in full. Repayments happen once a year. You receive your interest on the first payment date and in the following years, you receive your loan repayments in addition to the interest.

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