The #FridaysForFuture school strikes, led by young activist Greta Thunberg, have started a movement that is transforming the global awareness and opinion on the climate crisis. Last Friday, the movement accelerated, with the young people calling on adults to join them in the streets and strike for the climate.

ecoligo, is proud to be a part of #EntrepreneursForFuture, a coalition of over 1500 companies that are working towards a better future. And we were proud to join the #FridaysForFuture strike last week, not just in Berlin but with the entire international team who are right now in Ghana, Peru, South Africa, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

One of the core demands of the initiative is the acceleration of energy transition. We play our role in this by giving private investors the opportunity to participate in this acceleration on a global scale at www.ecoligo.investments.

ecoligo provides a fully financed solar-as-a-service solution for businesses in emerging markets. With a complete digital platform for financing and delivering solar projects, ecoligo removes the barriers that prevent such projects from being realised. Supplying businesses with affordable electricity enables them to grow and boost the local economy. Find out more at ecoligo.com.