5 good reasons to start impact investing

Impact investments in solar projects
The solar project for Arenal Kioro, financed by impact investments.

In recent years, actively investing instead of just saving money on the bank account has become increasingly popular. At the same time, more and more investors are looking for sustainable investment alternatives. One of the best ways to reconcile returns with climate protection is through so-called impact investing. In addition to the financial aspect, the ecological or social impact of the investment also plays an important role. They are therefore the most popular form of investment for many future-oriented and sustainable investors.

What makes impact investing with ecoligo so special?

Be it ethical funds, sustainable ETFs or green securities: the range of impact investments available to investors is constantly growing. However, the actual impact created through these sustainable forms of investment often remains vague. Not so with the investment opportunities on ecoligo.investments. Here, investors have the opportunity to use their money to do something good for the planet, local communities, the economy and, last but not least, their own wallets. Even beyond the actual impact, investments in solar projects around the world offer further advantages that can hardly be found in any other form of investment. They are one of the easiest ways for impact-driven investors to create meaningful change all across the globe.

Five unique advantages

Why should you start impact investing with ecoligo.investments today?

You create real, measurable impact

While many providers of sustainable investments talk about impact, they are unable to define what that impact really looks like for each individual investment. With our solar projects, we can. Prior to your investment, you can check how much CO2 will be saved, both annually and over the duration of the loan tenor. Impact could not be more transparent. Find out exactly how the CO2 savings are calculated here.

You contribute to the global fight against climate change

By investing in a solar project, you become a true climate protector. By financing solar projects around the world, you enable businesses to use clean, emission-free solar energy instead of regular grid electricity. This, in turn, allows them to massively cut their CO2 emissions, curbing the global advance of climate change.

Simple Impact Investments
Impact investing: Quickly and easily create positive change

You support sustainable economic growth in emerging markets

The economies of the world’s emerging markets are growing rapidly, but not always sustainably. By making an impact investment in clean solar projects, you can change just that. Thanks to your investment, businesses will be able to start using solar energy, saving both CO2 emissions and electricity costs. This enables them to continue to grow and to hire more employees, all while reducing their carbon footprint.

You benefit from up to 8% interest

Naturally, impact investing does not only provide social and environmental, but also financial benefits. Depending on the selected project, country and bonus interest, you can expect interest rates between 4.5% and 8%. For an investment of €100 in the project for Dalat Worsted Spinning with an interest rate of 5.5%, you can expect €17.7 in interest. That’s how you can grow your money.

You keep full control over your money

Unlike investment funds and ETFs, with ecoligo.investments you invest your money in specific projects. This gives you both the freedom to chose which project you want to support and the control over the way your money is used. In addition, you receive bi-annual project reports, keeping you up-to-date on the impact your money has already created.

There are many reasons to start impact investing in solar projects, such as their countless benefits and the proof that climate protection and return on investment can go hand in hand. Finance a solar project in just a few clicks and experience all the benefits of a truly sustainable investment yourself.