Crowdinvestors will now be able to invest in solar energy projects in emerging markets from just 100€ on the platform ecoligo.investments. The platform has lowered the minimum investment amount from 500€ to 100€ in a move to enable more people to participate in sustainable investments and accelerate the global energy transition. The change will be in effect from Thursday, the 6th of September, when the next project is scheduled to be launched.

Private investors receive returns of 5% or more when they invest in projects on the platform, which provide solar energy to businesses in countries like Ghana, Kenya, Chile or the Philippines. Investments save CO2 emissions and promote sustainable economic growth by cutting energy costs for the businesses, enabling them to grow and create local job opportunities. Projects on ecoligo.investments support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) No. 7 Affordable and Clean Energy, No. 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth and No. 13 Climate Action.

So far, 9 projects have been financed by crowdinvestors on the platform, providing businesses like farms, banks and ecoresorts with clean power. By lowering the minimum investment amount, ecoligo.investments aims to enable a wider audience to use private investment as a powerful tool for change.

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ecoligo provides a fully financed solar-as-a-service solution for businesses in emerging markets. With a complete digital platform for financing and delivering solar projects, ecoligo removes the barriers that prevent such projects from being realised. Supplying businesses with affordable electricity enables them to grow and boost the local economy.

ecoligo’s solar projects are financed on the crowdinvesting platform www.ecoligo.investments. Find out more at ecoligo.com.

Photo: ecoligo

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