Investors’ Insights: Why Gregor S. invests via ecoligo

Crowdinvestor Gregor S.
Gregor S.

ecoligo implements a wide variety of solar projects in the sunny regions of the world. Just as diverse as these projects are the reasons that motivate our more than 1,600 crowdinvestors to invest in these projects and promote solar energy. Often there are several factors that interact. Gregor S., an economist specialising in climate economics, gives us an insight into his motives and shares his opinion as well as his concerns with us.   

“I am particularly enthusiastic about the exemplary function that ecoligo projects have in the respective countries. The companies that switch to renewable energies with the help of my investment show everyone on the ground that a change is possible and brings many advantages. Of course, this reduces the company’s carbon footprint. But when you look at the impact of the projects in the global picture, this saving is relatively small. Therefore, my main concern is to raise awareness of the issue and to support business models with my investments that shake up the status quo through their successfully implemented projects. It gives me a good feeling to know that my money is being invested sensibly, because in this way it contributes to the promotion of a sustainable energy transition. For me, that is exactly what ecoligo stands for.

The fact that the platform has now been making it possible to finance projects for almost five years and informs investors about the progress of the projects via updates and videos shows me that I can trust ecoligo.

Gregor S.

Having lived in Ghana myself for over a year, I am particularly enthusiastic about the projects there. I have been able to experience first-hand how severe the environmental pollution caused by the use of diesel generators to produce electricity can be on site. In contrast, ecoligo with its solar plants opens up new, clean possibilities for electricity generation and makes the technology visible, tangible for local people and businesses.   

As is the case everywhere, the lobby for fossil energy production is a major obstacle to the expansion of renewables in Africa. A lot of work is still needed here to create a real turnaround. But setting a good example helps to drive this change. Who knows, maybe one day it will be possible to supply the entire African continent with clean energy?”  

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