ecoligo expands to Thailand

We are excited to announce that ecoligo is expanding to a new market: Thailand!

Known for its paradise beaches, Thailand’s thriving economy isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the South East Asian country. Yet Thailand has been an economic powerhouse of the region for decades, with a growing commercial and industrial sector and a strong export trade complementing the country’s renowned tourism sector. Energy demand has grown in parallel with the rise in economic activity and we’re happy to be a part of meeting this demand with sustainable energy.  

Graph illustrating Thailand's economy by sector.

The consistent sunshine that draws travellers to the ‘Land of Smiles’ has also made Thailand a leader in solar energy in the region. Bolstered by government support and a favourable feed-in tariff, the country was a first mover in South East Asia, with its 3.5GW of installed capacity only recently overtaken by Vietnam. Ambitious clean energy targets indicate a bright future for renewables in the country.

Visual illustrating solar energy in South East Asia.

These economic and climatic factors are key reasons for ecoligo’s entry into Thailand, which holds strong potential for our solar-as-a-service model. The project we are acquiring has been installed and generating clean electricity since 2019. At a capacity of 773 kWp, the system will be one of our largest to date.

Our journey to pioneer the global energy transition would not have been possible without the crowdinvestors that have enabled each project. We are excited to offer sustainable investment opportunities in another new market and to bring our combined impact one step further.