Why Rift Valley Roses goes solar

"With the existing solar plant from ecoligo, we have been using green solar energy to supply our irrigation systems and cold stores since 2019. The performance of the first years has convinced us to expand further. With the support of ecoligo and the German Energy Agency we will implement a new technology and thus make our water reservoir usable for photovoltaics."
Gordon Millar
Managing Director

Information Data
Type of Project
Floating solar PV
Capacity/ Size
69 kWp
CO2 Savings
68 tonnes/year
Business Type
Rose farm

The floating solar system at Rift Valley Roses is the first floating solar technology to be installed in Kenya. The project will be installed by Technolectric and will comprise a floating substructure with solar panels from Solarwatt and solar inverters supplied by Kaco New Energy. More information on the floating solar PV project can be found in the following press articles: