Earth Overshoot Day 2020
Every year we commemorate the day humanity has used all of the earth's resources for that year. In 2020, the date is 22nd August, 3 weeks later than 2019. We shouldn't need a pandemic. Through climate action we can #movethedate

Who we are

We are members of the Greentech Alliance, a network of businesses that put purpose above profit. Our companies are good for the planet.

Our solutions can #movethedate. But we can’t do it alone: get involved and find out how you can take climate action.

Active Giving enables anyone to finance social or environmental projects with their sports activities. Plant a tree during your next work out! 
Affordable solar energy for businesses in emerging markets, financed by crowdinvestors like you. Investments start from just 100 EUR and offer great returns.
Meli brings sustainable practices, as care of native bees and regenerative agriculture to the most endangered areas of the Amazon – to protect the primary forest and regenerate the previously devastated areas. 
Personal care reinvented: environmentally friendly and low-packaging like a solid bar of soap and yet the liquid product you love so much! #powdertoliquid
ECo is building a community of individuals and companies that are committed to change the way we live and do business by embracing the principles of circularity and regeneration!
Your B2B platform for the successful climate transformation of your company. Offering relevant solutions to measure, reduce and offset emissions.
FixFirst is an online platform for keeping large home appliances healthy that offers an AI-first software enabling repair services providers.
Sintecsys Solution mitigates CO2 emissions by providing management tools and data analytics to tackle wild-fires in their early stages.
Beautiful living Christmas Trees delivered, recollected, and planted in a forest. Forever.
HelioRec offers floating solar system as a way to bring green energy into remote areas without covering sparce land. Sustainable, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy.
WISE offers a portable at-home solar panel that allows its users to recharge devices with the power of the sun and to reduce their daily carbon emissions.

What is Earth Overshoot Day?

Earth Overshoot Day marks the day on which humanity has used up all natural resources that the earth can regenerate in one year. Consequently, we run into ecological debt: a deficit which increases from year to year and with each Earth Overshoot Day. We would need 1.6 earths to cover our current rate of resource consumption.

In 2020, COVID-19 has moved the date backwards again, as reduced human activity means we use less resources and emit less carbon dioxide. This demonstrates that with our action, we can #movethedate. Find out more about the Earth Overshoot Day, available solutions and what you can do at overshootday.org.

About the Greentech Alliance

The Greentech Alliance brings together green technology businesses, that fight climate change with their products and services in the most responsible and respectful to our planet manner, to support them with advice about funding, impact, visibility and strategy with the help of top VCs, journalists, advisors and entrepreneurs.

The mission of the Greentech Alliance is to push forward true Greentech companies that put our planet before profit.