Since ecoligo was founded three years ago, we’ve built up a small, friendly and motivated team that is integral to the success of our business. We’re professional and driven, we like to enjoy ourselves and we appreciate the importance of getting along with the people you work with, which leads to a fun, fast-paced and rewarding environment.

Our Berlin team takes care of the development, management and financing of our solar projects, which are funded by crowdinvestors on the platform In Accra, Nairobi and San José (Costa Rica, not LA) our sales teams build relationships with the businesses that benefit from getting clean, affordable solar energy.

We’re growing in all areas and are looking for passionate and motivated people to join our team. Job opportunities are below: if you don’t see something that fits you exactly, we also welcome open applications to We look forward to hearing from you!


Financial Controller (f/m/x)

We are currently looking for a Financial Controller (f/m/x) in Berlin to manage the budgetary and financial side of the business and our projects. We’re imagining somebody who’s confident in developing financial forecasts, ensuring budgets are kept, and has an interest in solar energy and solving the global challenges we face.

Finanz & Accounting Manager*in (w/m/d)

Wir suchen aktuell eine*n Finanz & Accounting Manager*in (w/m/d) in Berlin der die Verantwortung für die ordnungsgemäße Buchführung der ecoligo GmbH und der Tochtergesellschaften im In- und Ausland sowie die Abwicklung des elektronischen Zahlungsverkehrs und der Bankbuchungen übernimmt. Dafür übernimmst du nicht nur die Verantwortung, sondern treibst Prozesse voran, automatisierst und optimierst diese. Durch deine exzellenten Organisationsfähigkeiten behältst du den Überblick über alle zur ecoligo-Gruppe gehörenden Gesellschaften und schreckst auch vor komplexen Steuersystemen in unterschiedlichen Ländern nicht zurück. Wie auch der Rest des Teams, willst du jeden Tag daran arbeiten die globalen Herausforderungen unserer Welt zu lösen. Klingt nach dir?

In the next months in Berlin, we will also have other positions open. Please feel free to submit an open application if you love what we do and want to be a part of the team.

Regional Hubs: Accra, Nairobi, San José and Ho Chi Min City

We are not currently hiring for any of our regional hubs. Please feel free to submit an open application if you love what we do and want to be a part of the team.