Here you can find FAQs for clients and partners. Scroll down to view partner FAQs. If you have additional questions, write us an email at hello@ecoligo.com.

For our clients

ecoligo provides businesses in Kenya, Ghana, Costa Rica, Vietnam and Chile with a fully financed, solar-as-a-service solution. We finance the systems through crowdinvesting, meaning you don't have to pay a large upfront cost to use clean and affordable energy. 

Once the solar system is built on your roof or property, we sell you energy through a leasing or PPA contract, wherein you use the energy and we own the system until the contract ends. Ownership is then passed to you.

We install the systems together with local partners and maintain the system throughout the contract period, ensuring your solar system continues to perform to the highest standards.

If you have more questions about how this works, get in contact with us at hello@ecoligo.com.

Between 3 and 20 years, depending on your needs

Yes, really!

Yes! A grid connected solar PV system always runs in parallel with the grid. If equipment requires higher power, for example when a machine is starting up, than what is generated by your solar system, the difference will be supplied by the grid. The solar system thus reduces the energy needed from the grid to run the machines. The solar in combination with your grid connection works smoothly on all kinds of machines.

Approximately 3-9 months from contract signature, depending on scope of work and size of your system.

Yes, once the system is constructed and generating, you will see immediate savings in your electricity bill. We only start invoicing our clients once the solar PV system is in operation (and saving you money on your bill).

Before installation, we conduct a thorough structural assessment on your existing roof, to ensure its load bearing capabilities. Should roof reinforcements be required, we can include these into our offer.

No, if running a grid connected system where your load requires a supply higher than your solar PV system can supply. Even in times where the load is on the same level as the solar PV energy generation, the PV inverters require a grid connection to operate. Without this the inverters would switch off.

If the supply of energy by the PV inverters equals your demand though, no energy will be drawn from the grid.

No, if your solar PV is not integrated with another back up. Without integration, grid connected solar systems will shut off when the grid shuts down. If integrated with a source of power back up, like , a battery storage system or a diesel generator, then the solar PV will keep running.

No, you will need to install a UPS system to avoid any possible blackouts during switch over periods.

No. The solar system will reduce your reliance on a fossil-fueled, noisy generator during sun hours if you choose to get your system with a hybrid controller. You will still need to have an alternative source of electricity outside of sun hours, like your grid connection from the utility. In case you are seeking a solution where your backup generator is replaced, we can offer you a combined solar/battery system.

Although the cost of batteries has come down significantly in the past years, batteries are still expensive. The most economical solution right now is to size the battery to only cover short term blackouts of a maximum of a few hours. This already reduces your generator runtime significantly – sometimes even completely. However, we always advise you to keep the generator as you already purchased it. It can serve as an excellent emergency power in case something happens to the solar/battery system or for the cloudy few days per year.

For a grid connected system (on-grid system), you will still need to pay some utility bills. However, you will see significant decline in your

utility bills by up to 40%. Once the duration of the contract with ecoligo is over, you own the solar system. This means that all the energy produced from the solar system will be to your benefit, as you are no longer paying for it.

All scheduled operations and maintenance costs have already been factored in the monthly leasing/ PPA amount that is provided in the SaaS contract.

Unscheduled maintenance will be charged in case of events of negligence e.g. if by accident one of your staff damages the equipment. Third party events are covered by insurance.

Our monitoring systems allows us and you to monitor your system 24/7. You can monitor the system with an app at all times, and even show off in front of your business partners how much you have saved. We also share monthly performance reports with you.

The solar hot water production is dependent on your location and time of year (season). However, the solar hot water system can be designed to cater for all your daily hot water needs in most cases.

In the event that there are many cloudy days in a row, or you have increased demand in your hot water consumption, a back-up element kicks in and provides the required amount of hot water.

We offer both roof mounted systems in which the tank is installed directly on the roof, and split systems, in which the tank is installed on the ground. Split systems are typically used for larger systems.

We provide full maintenance service (cleaning, checking refrigerant, revising electricals) once a year, with periodic inspections if necessary. This is included in our lease price and there is no additional cost.

In addition to the regular maintenance that we provide you, you should also:

  • Keep leaves and debris from collecting around your outdoor air conditioning unit. This prevents dirt from clogging up your system, and keeps airflow paths clear
  • When arranging furniture, make sure air grills and ductwork are not blocked
  • Use blinds and shades on windows to keep out heat

These are general tips, but we will provide you with a full guide the explains the necessary maintenance for your system.

  1. An immediate reduction in your electricity bill.
  2. Less heat. LED fixtures are extremely efficient in converting electricity into light.
  3. LED Bulbs last a very long time, typically 50,000 to 100,000 hours.
  4. They do not contain mercury or other hazardous materials
  5. Highly recyclable – with no hazardous parts, you can easily reclaim most of the parts in an environmentally safe way

Yes, we offer LED solutions with dimming options

LED lights can be used inside or outside. LEDs are weather resistant, can withstand extreme temperatures, and there are those usually waterproof, designed for outdoor use.

As all the lamps we install are under warranty, we will coordinate with the supplier to get you a replacement free of charge if the issue is warrantable.

The Solar/Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service (we refer to it as: SaaS / EEaaS) contract means that ecoligo will provide solar and Energy Efficiency services for your company for the duration of the contract. ecoligo’s service includes raising the necessary finance for the project, the construction and insurance of the solar system, scheduled maintenance, operation and management.

Between 3 and 20 years, depending on your choice and local regulations that may restrict these terms.

We can guarantee that you do not have to make a single payment until the project is fully installed and operational.

No, we use the monthly average exchange rate of the European Commission for the month of the invoice period.

  • Solar PV Systems
  • Battery Systems
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Efficient Air-conditioners
  • LED lighting
  • A combination of the above

We offer two types of contract, depending on the regulation of your country:

  1. Lease-to-own
  2. Power purchase agreement to own

For PPA’s:

  • Fixed or floating pricing
  • Production or consumption-based

 For leasing:

  • Fixed pricing

Shared Savings

The ownership of the solar or energy efficiency system is automatically transferred to you and you become the proud owner of the system.

If you have a fixed price contract you will be saving less by partially relying on solar power – but you will still be saving.  The tariff agreed with ecoligo remains the same.

If you have a floating price contract the price of the contract with ecoligo will decrease in accordance with the defined float in percent, until it reaches the floor.

If you have a fixed price contract you will be saving more. The tariff agreed with ecoligo remains the same, but the gap to the utility tariff will result in higher .

If you have a floating price contract the price of the contract with ecoligo will increase in accordance with the defined float in percent, until it reaches the ceiling.

Here the PPA price/kWh floats with a defined percentage to the grid tariff. The price hereby has a lower limit “the floor” and an upper limit “the ceiling”. The Contracted PPA price/kWh cannot exceed any of these limits at any point in time irrespective of what happens to the grid price in the future.

No. Only EUR or USD. Unless regulation does not allow for foreign currency contracts.

You then can outright purchase the system at the remaining value of the asset.

We partner with maintenance companies who do the maintenance while we do the operations. Therefore, when the contract ends, you are free to choose any maintenance service provider.

Also, it will be good if, for the period of the contract, you ask your employees to join our team when they will be doing the maintenance so that they can learn how to maintain the equipment. This way, you will be able to save by not having to hire someone else to do it for you

We work with you to define the solar system and payment plan that suits you best. You will own the system when the SaaS/EEaaS contract with ecoligo is over. Durations can vary between 3 and 20 years depending on your choice. Once the contract ends, you automatically own the solar system.

All prices agreed within the Solar as a Service agreement are exclusive of Value-Added Taxes, as these are specific to each country, we operate in. In our savings projections, we also compare our cost with the cost for the utility power without VAT. This way, we can ensure that the savings still apply, as we compared apples with apples. Our invoices of course include the locally required VAT as per country regulation.

Yes, we offer a buy-back programme which allows you to transition your asset into a PPA or leasing contract. This contract allows you to pay only for the energy you consume from the solar system. The benefit for you: You turn your asset into cash.

Businesses (Commercial and Industrial) in emerging markets who struggle to find finance for their solar energy projects as well as NGOs.

No, you do not have to. But if you want, to reduce your monthly bills or shorten the contract lifetime, you are welcome to do so.

If you take a bank loan with an interest rate of 7%, you still need to add more components into your calculation of costs. These include (but are not limited to) 1% of the solar system cost per year for the insurance, 3% of the system cost for the O&M in addition to the time dedicated to managing the whole process, which you could have used to focus on your core business. More importantly, the bank loan appears on your firm’s balance sheet as debt, reducing your ability to take other loans. Also, banks typically require you to provide equity, which you do not need in a contract with ecoligo. And last but not least: The bank does not care if the solar system is functional and providing you with savings: They will demand their payments, even if your system is broken down.

ecoligo provides you with a hassle-free solution to all of the above by financing, building and managing a solar system for you. We work with you to find you a repayment scheme that fits your company best.

Yes, we can offer you the option to pay in local currency.

It typically takes about anything between 1 day to 3 months to raise the finance on our crowdfunding platform. The time is mainly dependent on the project size.

Our financial due diligence process involves the review of your company registration certificates, corporate structures, tax registration and clearance certificates. Most importantly we look into your most recent three audited annual reports (incl. balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement) with legally binding signature

All solar panels need regular maintenance to ensure maximum yield of solar energy. These are included in your contract with a detailed schedule of the separate maintenance events and their frequency. The travel price is also included in the contract. These events vary from cleaning the solar panel with water (at least quarterly) to checking the room temperatures of the inverter semi-annually.

An unscheduled maintenance event is a reactive event in the case of system failures. There are clearly defined processes that ensure minimum response time in the case of a failure. Reactive activities and the promised response time and scope of the service is also outlined in your SaaS/EEaaS contract. Pricing is based on defined hourly rates for the engineer and/or technician plus reimbursement of reasonable travel costs.

In case of an unscheduled maintenance event, ecoligo will still take care and take action, for example replace the defective component. However, for unscheduled maintenance, rates according to the schedule attached to the SaaS/EEaaS apply.

ecoligo as part of the SaaS/EEaaS takes care of the maintenance through local partners. Maintenance will be done based on a schedule that is attached to your SaaS contract. Its intention is to always have a clean, well-functioning system that provides you with the highest savings over the entire duration of the SaaS contract.

We train your team on O&M over the contract period, and if need be we can sign an O&M contract with you after the expiry of the initial contract term.

For our partners

We work with local, qualified partners to maintain and install the solar and energy efficiency systems. You can find out more on our Partner with us and Partner Programme pages. If you have more questions, contact us at hello@ecoligo.com.

3-20 years

Yes, really!

Yes, in principal ecoligo is open to work with any EPC company. However, the company must run through our approval process to become a partner.

To become a partner of ecoligo, we want to see that you have a track record in building successful solar or energy efficiency projects.

Please fill in the partnership form here.

ecoligo enables you to offer your clients a fully-financed solar or energy efficiency solution via a lease or power-purchase-agreement. We cover the investment, and therefore allow you to build projects, where otherwise your client would have not decided in favour of the project, due to lack of funds or financing.

ecoligo is the investor, owner and operator of the system. For maintenance during the contract period with the client, ecoligo typically engages with the EPC company for maintenance works ensuring full performance to the clients.

When working with ecoligo, we are investing into the solar or energy efficiency project. That means, we are your client. We will pay you according to milestones, similar like any normal client would do.

No, you are free to work with other investors.

Yes, we typically inquire with EPC partners to provide us proposals for solar and energy efficiency projects.

We are focusing C&I rooftop solar and energy efficiency projects, for example:

  • Malls
  • Office Building
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Farms
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Manufacturing

We hereby can invest in on-grid as well as off-grid projects.

It is important that our client is setup as a fully registered company or NGO.

We can invest in projects as little as 50 kWp (or equivalent 45k EUR investment into energy efficiency projects) . There is no size limitation on the maximum size.

We do not invest in these type of projects:

  • Utility scale projects
  • Feed-in tariff based projects
  • Household systems
  • Solar lights
  • Community Minigrid projects

We currently have offices in Costa Rica, Ghana, Kenya and Vietnam. From these offices we are active in the regions of Central America, Latin America, The Caribbean, West Africa, East Africa and South East Asia. Any project in these regions could potentially be of interest to us.

ecoligo has a EPC Partnership Programme. This provides our EPC partners with a tiered system from Bronze over Silver to Gold to Platinum and Diamond.

The longer you work with ecoligo and the more projects you built with ecoligo, the more attractive working with ecoligo will become for you and you will receive benefits.

Find out more: Partner Programme.

When it comes to electricity generation, we can invest into the following technologies:

  • Solar PV
  • Solar PV + hybrid controller
  • Solar PV + energy storage
  • (all of the above on-grid as well as off-grid)

For energy efficiency projects, we can invest into:

  • Energy efficient air conditioning
  • Solar hot water (solar thermal)
  • LED lamps and systems

No. ecoligo has a list of approved suppliers and vendors, and EPC partners have to comply to this list. However, if a specific supplier/vendor is suggested by the EPC partner, ecoligo can qualify this supplier/vendor and put them on the approved supplier and vendor list.


Yes, ecoligo prefers to work with EPC companies as maintenance service providers.

We basically have two main contracts for our EPC partners:

  1. The EPC contract
  2. The O&M contract

We do not work with offers and purchase orders, but require EPC partners to work under our above contracts.

No, The payments are split into milestones. Each Milestone will be paid upon accomplishing the specific requirements. We typically have 4 milestones in our project contracts.

Yes, ecoligo requires a standard set of documents during project design, commissioning and maintenance. Design documents are generated by commercial software in industry standards and standard templates for commissioning are provided by ecoligo. We do this to ensure highest quality standards for our clients.

For us to assess a project, we need a project information document needs to be filled out. Contact us at sales@ecoligo.com to receive this.