Meet the ecoligo team

Experienced, dedicated and diverse: with over 200 years of shared experience under our belt, we're transforming the world's energy landscape for the better.

Based all around the world our dynamic, passionate team is united by a common goal: tackling the climate crisis and making the world a better place to live. We're here to save the planet and have fun doing it.

Markus Schwaninger

Is a home office pro with two kids

Ezgi Özcan

Senior Project Manager
Giraffe kisser and all round animal lover

Martin Baart

Can spot a single bold dot in a full page of text

Thuong Duong

Country Manager Vietnam
Beer lover and devotee to his wife's cooking

Anett Bakkevoll

Accounting Manager
Her love of the sun was inspired by Norwegian polar nights

Keziah Khalinditsa

Sales Associate Kenya
Dynamic traveler and book lover

Claudia Rothe

Project Manager Fundraising
Secret musician who's curious about everything

Ravi Sahai

Regional Director Latin America & The Caribbean
Loves exploring different cultures (and eating their food)

Ayub Njoroge

Sales Associate Kenya
Knowledge sharer and solar fan

Doreen Kanetey-Essel

Country Manager Ghana
Her Ghana Jollof rice = extravaganza!

Simon Metcalfe

Product Owner
Travel and outdoors geek who loves tiny computers

Marc Navarro Sotés

Asset Manager
Taught himself guitar to survive the long Swedish winter

Justus Letting

Sales Associate Kenya
Loves bike riding and road trips

Christoph Freytag

Technical Project Manager
Knows the best coffee from Kreuzberg to Kigali

Matteo Mutazzi

Financial Controller
Best pizza maker in the world

Florence Onditi

Junior Business Developer Kenya
Nairobi-born nature lover

Rob Nyman

Growth Marketing Director
Plays the drums and never says no to vegan doughnuts

Katrin Rulle

Marketing Coordinator
Admirer of the French savoir-vivre

Jaime Gómez Marnell

Country Manager Chile
Born in Punta Arenas the city 'at the end of the world'

Linh Truong

Assistant Manager Vietnam
Funny mum who always has a humorous story to share

Carolina Rovira Schmitt

Junior ESG Officer
Pirouette rollerskater

Zerina Ntemiri

Junior Accountant
Cannot get enough of cold coffee

Max Effantin

Graphic Designer
Loves the colour blue and owns a collection of all sorts of blue items

Constantine Dranganas

Content & Social Media Manager
Turned into an amateur archer during the pandemic

Susan Kiarie

Country Manager Kenya
A travelling enthusiast who loves good music and seafood

Russelle Mouawad

Technical Project Manager
Participated in the 2015 Universiade in South Korea as Badminton Player to represent Lebanon

Claire Moy De Lacroix

Regional Sales Associate Costa Rica
Loves hiking and being surrounded by nature

Hussein Hassan Abou Khalil

Intern Technical Project Manager
Enjoys watching news more than movies

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