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By investing into our projects, everyone can create measurable impact in the world. By financing solar in emerging markets, you accelerate the global energy transition, creating a better tomorrow for all of us.

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Being part of our crowd means joining forces with other impact-driven investors who are willing to put their money to good use. Join them today and make investments that matter.

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Sustainable investments for a better tomorrow

Invest in Solar

Invest in solar

Start investing with as little as 100€

Save the climate

Create impact

Each investment leads to measurable CO2 savings

Grow your money

Get big returns

Depending on the project, you'll receive 4.5% - 8% interest

Projects open for investment

Condovac modernisierte Elektroinstallation II

EE-LED in Costa Rica
of €639.000 goal
More information

Agricola Munizaga El Ingenio I

PV in Chile
of €402.000 goal
More information

Golden Star I

PV in Vietnam
of €581.000 goal
More information

Inmobiliaria Lomas

PV in Chile
of €275.000 goal
More information

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