Time to take action – for the people of Ukraine

For a few days now, nothing has been the same as it was before. Hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine are in dire need. This humanitarian catastrophe has left us shocked and stunned.

But after the initial shock, we no longer want to stand idly by and do nothing, but instead take action ourselves and act. Because as a company that works with thousands of investors to create positive change around the world, we know: The power of the crowd is enormous and can make the impossible possible. Because big things can be achieved through many small contributions!

Therefore, we have compiled a list of activities and measures with which we want to support the many people in need and through which you can also offer your help. In this way, we can take action together in many different ways and make a real difference for the people of Ukraine. Every deed helps.

At the same time, we decided to shut down communication on new projects these days. Because supporting people in need is now a priority.

This is how you can become active:

Donate money for those affected

The donation account Nothilfe is Germany’s best-known alliance for collecting donations for people in need. Here you can specifically support the emergency aid Ukraine and be sure that your money will reach where it is needed most.


In addition, you can support Mission Lifeline in helping not only people on the ground, but also people fleeing Ukraine and bringing them to safety.


Give donations in kind

Many major relief organizations ask that people refrain from donating goods. However, local aid transports are organized in many places, which are happy to receive various donations such as medicine or hygiene items. Here it is worth taking a look at the websites and Facebook pages of the local organizations. Here is just an excerpt of the various fundraisers:

Baden-Württemberg: https://www.dhhn.de/ukraine-in-not-spenden-und-sachspenden-jetzt/

Mainz: https://www.facebook.com/ukrainiansinmainz/

Berlin: https://www.facebook.com/sagerestaurantberlin

Hamburg: https://szene-hamburg.com/tagestipp/05-02-sonstiges-sammelaktion-fuer-die-ukraine-millerntor-stadion/

Munich: https://www.charivari.de/nachrichten/deutschland-und-welt/ukraine-krieg-so-kannst-du-in-muenchen-den-menschen-im-kriegsgebiet-helfen/11029655

Köln und Düsseldorf: https://www.facebook.com/gkdusseldorf/photos/a.866071706838071/4587096594735545

Provide accommodation

If you can provide housing for refugees, you can offer it at the following link and thus provide shelter to people in need:


Participate in peace demonstrations

As part of a peaceful demonstration, we can send a strong, united signal. At the moment, such demonstrations are taking place in many cities in Germany, through which we can make our voices heard and stand up for more humanity.

Be active on social media

Every post and contribution on social media helps raise awareness of the issue and sensitize people to the situation of those in need. By creating, liking, and sharing posts, this is a way to show our support. These are the hashtags that are currently most used and help draw attention to the situation in Ukraine:

#Ukraine #UrkaineRussia #StandWithUrkaine #Solidarity

Sign petitions

This is another way to add power to your voice and work for a better tomorrow. Many petitions can be found online and signed in just a few seconds. Seconds that can achieve a lot.

No matter which action(s) you choose: Every little deed makes a difference and helps people in need.