The story behind the funding of our AC project for Arenal Kioro in Costa Rica

When the funding of our energy efficiency project for Arenal Kioro hotel in Costa Rica opened on the ecoligo invest platform in March 2020, we couldn’t foresee the…


SRI vs ESG: Where does ecoligo’s crowdinvesting model stand?

We have all heard terms like community investing, ethical investing, green investing, and impact investing buzzing around. While there are key differences between each approach, each works towards the…


ecoligo to take over Namene Solar commercial and industrial project business in Ghana.

After a years-long partnership, ecoligo, the German climate solution leader will take over Namene Solar’s project business in West Africa. Accra, Ghana,…


It’s time to act. Our new look for our next phase.

Six Years. 100+ projects. 607,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions that will never enter the atmosphere. Together with our crowdinvestors and supporters we’ve been changing the world, bringing solar…


How did we make it here today? The ecoligo storyline unraveled.

You cannot build the future without rewinding into the past as a reminder of what brought you here. Like every startup, we faced our share…

Solar system for Dong Nam Viet Packaging

ecoligo continues to drive the energy transition in June

Another month of 2021 has come to an end and once again crowdinvestors have sent a strong signal for climate protection: In…

Guest blog post part 3

Guest Post – 4 steps towards a green portfolio (without getting greenwashed)

More and more investors are now realising sustainability as an important aspect that can secure future returns. Roughly one in four dollars…

Guest post on green investing part II

Guest Post – Where to invest sustainably and how: The platforms you should know

Just as it’s tricky to find the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint by changing your consumption habits – it’s equally…

Solar system being installed at fairafric

May update: Again more solar plants financed and commissioned

These solar plants were fully financed in May: Fresha Dairies I    Financing completed after 4 days on May 6th   Crowdinvestors: 254   Funding…

ecoligo Investors' Insights

Investors’ Insights Vietnam Edition: What excites Klaus H. about investments in Vietnam

Our crowdinvestors often name a variety of reasons that have inspired them to invest in sustainable solar projects. This is also the…


Guest Post – The collective power of money: why investing sustainably is good for your finances (and the climate)

Germans are often described as world champions in saving. If you look at the statistics, this stereotype doesn’t come out of anywhere….


Ask the CFO: All about the co-financing structure of ecoligo

On 12.04.2021, ecoligo’s CFO Markus Schwaninger answered questions from crowdinvestors about ecoligo’s new co-financing structure. In this new structure, which was applied…