For the climate: 1 million tonnes of CO2 savings

Sustainable impact is one of the buzzwords of the decade. Nowadays, almost every company advertises their products as sustainable and eco-conscious solutions that do good for the planet and its people. These claims aim at soothing the customers’ consciousness while meeting the market’s demands for more social and environmental responsibility. Needless to say, many products and companies do not live up to their claims, revealing them as what they are: marketing slogans. 

Together for a better future 

Two ecoligo employees at a solar project

ecoligo is different. Impact has always been at the core of everything we do, shaping us into the company we are today. We are a highly impact-driven team, striving to equip businesses in emerging markets with clean energy solutions, supporting a sustainable economic growth and thus protecting the climate. Ever since our foundation, loyal crowdinvestors have supported us in our mission. By financing our solar projects, they are the ones who make our success possible. By now, we are a well-working team that creates a lot of positive change. With each solar system, both the investors and us can track how far the project has progressed, how much electricity it produces and how much CO2 it saves. 

An impactful milestone 

It’s this transparency about our projects’ impact that now allows us to celebrate an important achievement: 1 million tonnes of CO2 savings, generated by our solar projects all around the globe. By using clean solar energy produced by our systems instead of regular grid electricity, our solar clients can significantly decrease their environmental footprint, reducing their accumulated CO2-emissions by 1 million tonnes. 1 million tonnes that will never enter the atmosphere. 

1 million tonnes of CO2 in comparison

But what does the impact of these savings translate into? That depends on the comparison. By reducing our solar clients’ CO2-emissions, we compensate the average annual carbon dioxide emissions of 130,000 Germans. This impressive amount really helps us understand and value the positive effect we are creating through our projects. 

Transparency first 

The 1 million tonnes of CO2 are proof of the fact that we do not just talk about impact, but create it. Measurably and transparently, without any greenwashing. That is why we have put together a detailed blog explaining how we calculate our projects’ CO2 savings and which parameters the calculations are based on. 

There is so much more for us to do. This is only the first of many milestones we want to achieve. Help us change this world for the better and support one of our projects today.