Crowdinvestors finance five solar plants in March

Last month, our crowdinvestors once again showed that they can work together to realise large projects and thus actively contribute to climate protection. Five solar plants that enable companies in Thailand, Vietnam and Kenya to switch to clean and low-cost solar power were fully financed by the investors. Together, the plants have a capacity of 2,458 kWp and make it possible to save 2,025 tonnes of CO2 per year.  

Solar customer Royal Group Industries

Royal Group Industries   

Financing completed after 38 days on March 11th 

Crowdinvestors: 367  

Funding volume: 328,000€  

Annual CO2 savings: 407 tonnes  

Status: Not yet in operation  

Solar system at Viet Roll

Viet Roll  

Financing completed after 147 days on March 14th 

Crowdinvestors: 181  

Funding volume: 327,000€  

Annual CO2 savings: 355 tonnes  

Status: In operation since November 2020  

Solar plant at Lac Long

Lac Long II  

Financing completed after 30 days on March 17th 

Crowdinvestors: 389  

Funding volume: 395,000€  

Annual CO2 savings: 392 tonnes  

Status: In operation since January 2021  

Solar panels at Gia Gia Nghi Paper Packaging

Gia Gia Nghi Paper Packing  

Financing completed after 168 days on March 21st  

Crowdinvestors: 281  

Financing volume: €270,000  

Annual CO2 savings: 280 tonnes  

Status: In operation since November 2020  

Solar plant at Xcellent


Financing completed after 152 days on March 30th 

Crowdinvestors: 689  

Financing volume: 837,000€  

Annual CO2 savings: 591 tonnes  

Status: In operation since 2019  

Each financed project contributes significantly to sustainable economic growth and makes an important contribution to climate protection. Find out about other projects that are still open or sign up for the newsletter to support the financing of future projects as a crowdinvestor and do something good for the planet.