Changing the world with ecoligo

What is working at ecoligo really like? We are looking for an answer to this question in our miniseries ‘The team talks’. The first one to spill the beans is Ayub Njoroge, our Sales Engineer in Kenya. 

Joining ecoligo 

“I joined ecoligo at the end of 2019 after I had worked for various renewable energy companies across six different African countries. During this time, I always encountered the same problem: a lack of finance that prevented businesses from switching to clean energy. This issue seemed impossible to solve…until I got to know ecoligo. Knowing I had found the solution to the biggest problem in the market, I immediately felt compelled to join ecoligo and help them create real impact in the world.” 

Ayub Njoroge
Ayub Njoroge

Creating impact every day

“This already leads me to what I value most about working at ecoligo: The impact each and every one of us is creating on a daily basis and the change we bring about across the globe. The knowledge that I am actively contributing to a better future for our planet through my work is what keeps me happy and productive. I see my work at ecoligo as my contribution to making sure this planet is still worth living on for future generations.  

But of course, ecoligo’s positive influence is much larger than my personal one. Together, we create a three folded impact: environmental, economic and social.  

The environmental side of it is of course the most obvious one. Our portfolio of renewable and environmentally friendly projects is saving tonnes of CO2 every day. Our economic impact is just as important. With our fully-financed solar-as-a-service solutions, we empower businesses in emerging markets to significantly save costs and to use that money to grow more sustainably. And lastly, there is the social element to our work. By supporting a sustainable economic development of dozens of companies, we directly and indirectly support thousands of jobs in emerging markets. 

Working in sales and seeing the projects come to life and unfold their full impact potential is simply amazing.  Knowing I am part of their success and the good they are doing is what makes my work meaningful.”

The knowledge that I am actively contributing to a better future for our planet through my work is what keeps me happy and productive.

Ayub Njoroge

The best decision 

“ecoligo’s positive influence doesn’t just stop at the impact we are creating through our daily work, but it also spreads across our team and company itself. With an honest and approachable leadership, a lot of room for professional growth and work that is both fun and rewarding, ecoligo creates the best work environment any employee could hope for. 

Joining the team has been the best decision I could have possibly taken. So if you are still considering applying, let me tell you this: Do it. You will be happy you did!”

Voices from the team 

How we perceive impact is different from person to person. That’s why we have invited more colleagues to tell us what impact at ecoligo means for them: