We’re more than a team

At ecoligo, we all want to achieve one thing: To save the planet. But it is not only about reaching this goal, but also about having fun along the way. In our miniseries ‘The team talks‘, Marc Navarro Sótes, our Asset Manager, tells us the secret of how we manage to create a work environment that is both challenging and fun.  

The beginning

“I joined ecoligo back in January 2020. I had always known that I wanted to work in the solar industry, so joining ecoligo after finishing my engineering degrees and completing an internship in the sector was the logical next step. However, the main reason for joining ecoligo was not its industry sector, but the potential I saw in the company.  I was incredibly excited to become part of such a diverse and young team ready to create something big. This combination of an international environment and an ambitious mission is still what I like best about working at ecoligo. Because let’s be honest: At how many companies do you get to interact daily with people from four different continents working towards the same goal?”

Marc Navarro Sótes

The ecoligo team aka the gang 

“It is this mix of talented professionals with their unique cultural and educational backgrounds that join their forces to create positive social and environmental impact where it is needed most that makes our team more than a team. That’s what makes it a gang.  

And as in any proper gang, we are here to support one another. We encourage knowledge sharing in our weekly team meetings, cover for one another when we are on holiday or feeling sick, and are always ready to lend a hand. It doesn’t matter if you need help from an intern, your manager, or the CEO – we all genuinely care for one another and are always happy to help. And while this may sound like a trivial thing, it is something very rare that you do not find in your every day company. 

However, we don’t only value support in challenging times, but also a certain degree of autonomy. We’re ready to give each member of our team the time and space they need to carry out their tasks. Everyone here feels empowered to shape their workday according to their own needs. There is no micromanagement or constant supervision, but simply a lot of trust in each other. And if ever something should go amiss, we take this as an opportunity to openly evaluate what went wrong, to learn from the mistake and to do things right the next time. We simply always try to look at the bright side of things. 

The same is true for our internationality. While it can sometimes be a little tricky to feel connected when we are all spread across the globe, we stay in touch via regular meetings across various departments and countries. These daily interactions with the team and the fact that no one takes themselves too seriously is what allows us to keep up the good spirit!”

We all genuinely care for one another and are always happy to help.

Marc Navarro Sótes

It’s all about the people

“I have spent quite some memorable afterwork hours on our Berlin office’s rooftop terrace and have enjoyed many, many meetings with my colleagues from all over the world. It is the leverage you get from working with a young, international and motivated team that makes paired with constant professional growth that makes working at ecoligo unique. So, stop considering and apply!” 

Voices from the gang 

Our gang currently has about 30 members. We couldn’t have everyone tell us what makes our gang special, so we made a selection: