Growing with ecoligo

Working at ecoligo is not just about bringing solar projects in emerging markets to life. Well, it is. But it is so much more. In our miniseries ‘The team talks‘, our colleagues tell us what this ‘more’ means to them. Last up: Katrin Rulle, Marketing Coordinator at ecoligo: 

The right place to work at 

“I joined ecoligo one and a half years ago. Back then, I was still in the middle of my master’s degree, looking for a company to spend my internship at. I was determined to only apply at companies whose values matched mine and that had sustainability at their core. Easier said than done. It can be quite tiresome to work your way through all these companies that claim to care for the planet and its people before you find those that actually act upon their claim. That was until I found ecoligo.”

Katrin Rulle
Katrin Rulle

Professional development

“During my time with ecoligo, I have experienced an incredible amount of support along the way. Everyone here has helped me to grow a lot professionally as well as personally, and has been genuinely excited about my journey within the company.   

From day one, I have felt as a valuable member of the company. I never had the feeling that anyone doubted my capabilities and therefore rather held back with handing me meaningful tasks – quite the opposite, actually. I was encouraged from my very first day to take up responsibility and to tackle tasks as they popped up. This trust and autonomy allowed me to fearlessly jump onto new tasks and to thus learn a lot every day. 

And everyone at ecoligo would probably agree with me that this feeling of learning something new every day has never stopped. As a dynamic company that is growing at an incredible pace, there is always something new coming up. No day is the same and even if you think you have your whole day mapped out, there might still be a surprise waiting for you. This can be challenging from time to time, but also incredibly rewarding. It’s all about seizing the opportunity and to ultimately turn it into a great success. Suddenly, you have achieved something you never thought possible before. 

This hands-on style of work that empowers every one of us to create meaningful change and contribute to our company’s success is what has helped me grow the most. With our actions, we all have the power to change the given status quo. We can directly see and feel the impact we create through our work. And we do it together. We always have our backs and are here to support each other as much as humanly possible. We are one team working towards one mission.”

Everyone here has helped me to grow a lot professionally and has been genuinely excited about my journey within the company. 

Katrin Rulle

Ready for the challenge? 

“All in all, for me, working at ecoligo is one thing most of all: Rewarding. It is rewarding because I get to make the world a better place every day, because I know I will learn a lot and overcome new challenges on a regular basis and because I am able to work with a bunch of impact-driven professionals that are amazing to work with. 

So, if you are out there, ready to challenge yourself professionally and to do good through your work: This is your time to apply.” 

Defining growth

Everyone has had different experiences working at ecoligo and has joined the company at different stages in the career. We want to know how working at ecoligo has empowered other members of the team to grow professionally