ecoligo continues to drive the energy transition in June

Another month of 2021 has come to an end and once again crowdinvestors have sent a strong signal for climate protection: In June alone, investors financed four new solar plants via the crowdinvesting platform. All four plants are located in Vietnam and will further promote the switch to clean solar energy in the Southeast Asian country. At the same time, two solar plants in Vietnam and Kenya were commissioned in June. From now on, these will supply the associated companies with electricity generated from the power of the sun.

These solar plants were fully financed in June:  

Solar system for Nam Dinh Forest

Nam Dinh Forest III  

Financing completed after 4 days on June 3rd

Crowdinvestors: 148  

Funding volume: 128.000€  

Annual CO2 savings: 118 tonnes  

Status: In operation since December 2020  

Solar system for Dong Nam Viet Packaging

Dong Nam Viet Packaging IV 

Financing completed after 70 days on June 5th

Crowdinvestors: 344  

Funding volume: 197.000€  

Annual CO2 savings: 212 tonnes  

Status: In operation since September 2020  

Solar system for An Binh Printing

An Binh Printing 

Financing completed after 49 days on June 27th 

Crowdinvestors: 256  

Funding volume: €177,000  

Annual CO2 savings: 177 tonnes  

Status: In operation since May 2021  

Solar system for Nam Dinh Forest

Nam Dinh Forest IV  

Financing completed after 7 days on 27.06.  

Crowdinvestors: 155  

Funding volume: 132.000€  

Annual CO2 savings: 115 tonnes  

Status: In operation since December 2020  

These solar plants were successfully commissioned in June:

Solar panels at Rega
June 25th: Rega I
The flower farm Zena Sosiani
June 29th & 30th: Zena Sosiani  

You too can take advantage of the opportunity to drive forward the global energy transition with an investment in solar plants and thus make an important contribution to climate protection. You can get an overview of all available investment opportunities on the project page.