May update: Again more solar plants financed and commissioned

These solar plants were fully financed in May:

Fresha Dairies factory

Fresha Dairies I   

Financing completed after 4 days on May 6th  

Crowdinvestors: 254  

Funding volume: 295.000€  

Annual CO2 savings: 362 tonnes  

Status:  Start of construction pending  

Inside Fresha Dairies

Fresha Dairies II 

Financing completed after 6 days on May 22nd 

Crowdinvestors: 209  

Funding volume: 236.000€  

Annual CO2 savings: 290 tonnes  

Status: Start of construction pending  

These solar plants were successfully commissioned in May:

Solar panels at Hotel Jenny
May 4th: Hotel Jenny
Solar system at Kim Duc
May 10th: Kim Duc
Solar system at An Binh Printing
May 26th: An Binh Printing

You too can take advantage of the opportunity to drive forward the global energy transition by investing in solar plants and thus make an important contribution to climate protection. For an overview of all available investment opportunities, please visit the project page.