April: One solar plant financed, two more connected to the grid

In April, the global positive impact of ecoligo.investments’ committed crowdinvestors once again became clear. While a new solar plant for a Vietnamese company was fully financed last month, two additional crowd-funded solar plants were commissioned in Costa Rica and Ghana. From now on, these will make an important contribution to saving CO2 emissions on site. This is how global climate protection works.  

This project was financed in April:  

Solar plant at Nam Dinh Forest

Nam Dinh Forest II   

Financing completed after 33 days on April 5th 

Crowdinvestors: 199  

Funding volume: 151.000€  

Annual CO2 savings: 128 tonnes  

Status: In operation since December 2020  

These two solar plants were put into operation in April: 

Solar plant at HyM Guanacaste
April 12th: HyM Guanacaste

Solar plant at Bomarts Farms
April 21st: Bomarts Farms

If you too would like to contribute to solar installations being realised around the world, find out about all the latest projects and invest today.