Investors’ Insights: Why Achim R. invests via ecoligo

Crowdinvestor Achim R.
Achim R.

One thing above all is important for our crowdinvestors: that they can drive the global energy transition with their investments and thus contribute to climate protection. Achim R. also values this influence of his investments very highly. He tells us here in which other countries he would like to promote solar energy.

“ecoligo was recommended to me. I had been investing directly in solar projects in Germany for some time, but when no more investment opportunities were available there, the project owner referred me to ecoligo. This geographical change in terms of solar projects appealed to me for one reason in particular: Because ecoligo’s solar plants are located in countries close to the equator, they can benefit from more solar radiation and generate more electricity. In addition, through my investments I can support local companies in switching to solar energy, which would otherwise have been denied to them due to high financial hurdles.

I think it’s good that ecoligo is already active in many different countries and regions of the world and is making a big difference there in terms of the energy transition with its work, while at the same time supporting the local economy.

Achim R.

Before investing, I like to inform myself in detail about the companies that will be equipped with a solar system. The variety of projects is enormous. So far, I have particularly liked two projects that could hardly be more different: The solar plant for the Simbi Roses flower farm in Kenya and the almost 1 MW solar plant for Dong Nam Viet Packaging in Vietnam.

For the future, I would like to see ecoligo expand even further and hopefully soon be able to promote the switch to solar energy in even more countries around the world and support global climate protection. I could well imagine supporting further expansion in Southeast Asia, as well as in Africa and Central America.

In general, however, I am happy about every new project on The professionalism and transparency shown to crowdinvestors is great and the whole concept behind the platform seems very solid and reliable to me.”

If you, like Achim R., are interested in solar projects all over the world and want to further advance global climate protection, then find out about all the current projects here or sign up for the newsletter.