How it works: Investing on behalf of minors

A family of different members of all ages smiling to each other.

Investments on protect the environment for future generations. Now the next generation can also participate.  

Investing on behalf of your children or other young people in your life is now possible. Just follow these steps:  

1. create a user account in the name of the minor. 

  • When creating the user account, only a date of birth >18 years can be entered due to the system, so choose any date). We will then change the date of birth in the backend using the minor’s ID information as soon as we have it.

2. make your desired investment(s), but do not transfer the amount.  

  • Important: A maximum of €14,950 can be invested. Investments of €15,000 or more are not possible due to the Money Laundering Act.  

3. send us the identity card details for the minor(s) and the completed form “Declaration of Consent to Lending for Minors” for each investment to  

4. after our confirmation (within 3 working days) you can transfer the amount.  

  • The amount can be transferred from any bank account. The transfer does not have to be made from the minor’s bank account.  

Create account now 


  • The minor must be at least 7 years old.
  • The minor must have his/her own account with an individual email address (one email address cannot be used for more than one account).  
  • The bank account must be in the name of the minor child.
  • The investment contribution can be transferred from another bank account.  
  • The limit for investments is €14,950 due to the money laundering law.

Please note that investing on behalf of minors involves significant risks. Please inform yourself about the project risks on the corresponding project page in the risk information published under the “Conditions” tab. The acquisition of an investment can lead to the complete loss of the assets invested.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at