They made the €10 million possible – a portrait of 10 crowdinvestors

10 million euros is a more than impressive sum. But where does the money that is used to finance sustainable energy projects around the world actually come from?  To answer this question, we introduce 10 crowdinvestors who accompany ecoligo with their investments on the mission for a sustainable future. The reasons for their commitment are as varied as they are themselves.  

Crowdinvestor Maximilian B.-B.

 Maximilian B.-B.

“It is important to me that I can use my money to support projects that directly and tangibly benefit people and thus support social and economic development in the respective countries.  

For Maximilian B.-B., projects in Kenya and Ghana are of particular interest, as this is where he sees the greatest impact of his investment.  

Kai B.

“The detailed half-yearly reports show me the current status and how my investment has been used. The newly established Covid-19 guarantee fund has also created additional trust in ecoligo.”  

Kai B. has already gained experience with several crowdinvesting platforms and, in addition to sustainability, is concerned about transparency on the part of the platform as well as complete repayments.  

Crowdinvestor Kai B.
Crowdinvestor Susanne C.B.

Susanne C.-B.

“ecoligo offers me a pleasant, unbureaucratic way to promote solar projects all over the world, to drive the expansion of renewables and to bring about a noticeable and measurable change in the global energy landscape with my investments.”  

Susanne C.-B. has been dealing with the topic of the energy transition for many years, both professionally and privately, and is convinced that this can only be achieved through measures all over the world – especially in emerging countries. That is why projects in Vietnam are particularly appealing to her.  

Reinhard D.

“I became aware of ecoligo when I was looking for an alternative to investing in shares. I was keen to further diversify my portfolio and was looking for additional investment opportunities.”  

Reinhard D. came across while looking for investment opportunities away from the stock market. He was also attracted by the fact that he could promote global measures towards more sustainability with an investment.  

Crowdinvestor Reinhard D.
Crowdinvestor Marc G.

Marc G.

“Thanks to a transparent insight into the project structure, detailed information on the end customer, the expected output of the photovoltaic system and details of the CO2 savings, I can track exactly what impact my investments have.”  

As a graduate engineer (FH) in electrical engineering and owner of his own solar system, Marc G. has been involved with solar energy and photovoltaic systems for many years. Now also in the financial field.  

Ingrid H.

“What I particularly like about the investment opportunities through ecoligo is that it is direct project financing. […] This helps me to decide where my money should go. In addition, I can understand what effect my investment amount has.”  

Ingrid H. prefers to support Latin American projects. So far, she has not only invested in many projects, but has also told many of her friends and acquaintances about ecoligo.  

Crowdinvestor Ingrid H.
Crowdinvestors Susanna and Volker H.

Susanne and Volker H.

“The as yet untapped potential for solar energy worldwide is enormous. If we were to fully exploit it, we would hardly need to resort to fossil fuels. We are therefore very pleased that we, as investors, can participate in the energy turnaround through and drive it forward.”  

For Susanne and Volker H., photovoltaics have played a role in their lives for a long time. Not only on the roof of their own house, but for some time now also in their investments.   

Bernd R.

“I personally find the concept of financing solar projects with the help of crowdfunding very exciting.”  

Bernd R. has also been involved with renewable energies for many years, both professionally and privately, and took the opportunity to see an ecoligo project in person during a business trip to Kenya a few years ago.   

Crowdinvestor Bernd R.
Crowdinvestor Gregor S.

Gregor S.

“I am particularly enthusiastic about the exemplary function that ecoligo projects have in the respective countries. The companies that switch to renewable energies with the help of my investment show everyone on site that a change is possible and brings many advantages.”  

Projects in Ghana are particularly close to Gregor S.’s heart, as he himself has witnessed the pollution caused by fossil fuels on site and would like to change this state of affairs. 

Martin Z.

“In order to be able to participate in the changeover to renewable energies as a private person as well, I decided to invest through ecoligo.”  

For Martin Z., the positive environmental impact of the solar projects is one of the most important factors. But trust and transparency are also of great importance to him.  

Crowdinvestor Martin Z.

Together with more than 2000 other investors, these crowdinvestors have raised more than 10 million euros for sustainable solar projects. Find out more about what this sum has made possible here.   

If you, like our crowdinvestors, would like to contribute to global climate protection by investing in a solar project, then find out about our current projects now.