Investors’ Insights Special: How crowdinvestors use their interest and redemption payments

At the end of January, 834 of our crowdinvestors will receive their regular interest and redemption payments for projects with a deadline of 31 January. As with previous payment rounds, all payments will be made on time and in full. We asked some of the investors what they think about the payments and what they plan to do with the money they receive.

Crowdinvestor Matthias S.
Matthias S.

“I will receive interest and redemption payments from ecoligo for the first time at the end of January. Thanks to the clear and transparent presentation of the individual payments in my investor account, I always know exactly when which amount will be paid out and from which project the payout will originate. This transparency creates trust and helps me to always have a good overview of my investments and their repayments.”

Crowdinvestor Katharina D.
Katharina D.

“Even though this is not the first payout round for me, I am still happy about the repayments. A delay of a few months would also be acceptable to me, but I generally find it very important that the crowdinvestors receive their payouts in full and as punctually as possible. For the end of January, I have firmly resolved to use the repayments to finance another project.”

Crowdinvestor Bernd R.
Bernd R.

“I have received all interest payments from ecoligo on time and in full so far. I am sure that I will also receive the interest and redemption payment for the 50 kWp solar plant on the Live Wire Packhalle Kenya in full by 31 January in the third year. In one year, the investment amount will be repaid in full. As an investor, I can rely on the information and the adherence to the deadlines. In the chronological order of interest and redemption payments, I will make further investments.”

Crowdinvestor Jürgen E.
Jürgen E.

“So far I have already received interest payments from ecoligo once. The payments were made punctually and in full, which immediately gave me a good impression and a feeling of security. I like to consider the interest payments as a small additional income every quarter. As soon as I also receive redemption payments, I would like to refinance them again. In this way, I would like to reach my goal of investing the acquisition costs of my own fictitious solar system in solar projects via ecoligo as soon as possible.”

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