Investors’ Insights Vietnam Edition: What excites Matthias S. about investing in Vietnam

For our crowdinvestors, it is often a mixture of social, environmental, and financial reasons that motivate them to invest. Matthias S., an engineer in the aerospace industry, shares his motivation with us and explains why he always has a good feeling about investing in Vietnamese projects.

Crowdinvestor Matthias S.
Matthias S.

“Even before I heard about ecoligo for the first time, I had already dealt extensively with the topic of meaningful and at the same time profitable investments. Because it is important to me not only to profit from an investment myself but also to support social and sustainable projects. While reading the Stuttgarter Zeitung, I came across ecoligo. After a little research, through which I also learned about the joint visit of ecoligo CEO Martin Baart with our Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier in Kenya, I decided to invest.

What I particularly like about ecoligo is the high degree of transparency with which investors are informed about the background of the projects and their progress. The clear presentation of the repayment plans on the project pages and in the user account is also a great help for investors. The interest rates offered also convinced me, as they offer significantly higher returns than, for example, corporate bonds, without appearing disproportionately high.

In terms of the countries in which I invest in projects, I have no clear preferences but like to make my portfolio as diverse as possible.

However, I have a particularly good and safe feeling about investing in Vietnam, as the country has been experiencing constant economic growth for years and will thus probably remain attractive as a market for solar energy for a long time to come.

Matthias S

The exemplary management of the Corona crisis in Vietnam has also strengthened my confidence in the country. At the end of the day, what matters most to me is the positive social and environmental impact of my investments, and this is definitely the case with investments in solar projects in Vietnam – as in all other ecoligo project countries.”

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