Seven at one stroke: solar plants in Vietnam go online

In December, the general contractor Vu Phong Solar proved how valuable it is for ecoligo to work with powerful and reliable partners on its mission to protect the global climate. Within just one month, seven impressive photovoltaic plants have been fully installed in Vietnam under the management of Vu Phong Solar and on behalf of ecoligo.

All seven systems are already producing electricity and helping the associated companies both to reduce electricity costs and to save climate-damaging CO2. Together, the photovoltaic systems will save up to 5,451 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Some projects have already been fully or partially financed, others have not yet been advertised for crowdinvesting. Their installation was made possible because ecoligo pre-finances solar projects under certain conditions in order to realise the installation of the system and the associated contribution to global climate protection as early as possible. For the projects in Vietnam in particular, implementation and connection to the grid before the end of 2020 was important in order to secure for customers the feed-in tariff that would still be available until then. Soon, the community of environmentally conscious investors will also have the opportunity to invest in these already income-generating projects.

These plants have been producing clean solar electricity since December 2020:

December 17th and 27th: Lac Long

1025 kWp Lac Long solar plant and 427 kWp Lac Long II solar plant.

December 28th: Tay Ninh Furniture

1,127 kWp solar plant - Tay Ninh Furniture..

December 28th: C.H.A. Plastics

855 kWp solar installation - C.H.A. Plastics.

December 28th: Radiant

1,001 kWp solar installation - Radiant.

December 28th: Green TG

1,008 kWp solar installation - Green TG.

December 30th: Nam Dinh Forest

1,134 kWp solar installation Nam Dinh Forest.

If you would like to participate in the still outstanding financing of the solar plants or stay informed about ecoligo’s solar projects in other countries, please visit the project page or sign up for the newsletter.