Investors’ Insights Vietnam Edition: What excites Susanne C.-B. about investing in Vietnam

Crowdinvestor Susanne C.-B.
Susanne C.-B.

The photovoltaic market in Vietnam has been booming for several years, driven by a rapidly growing economy, government subsidies and the desire for more sustainability. Crowd investors can also participate in this trend: For more than half a year, ecoligo has been repeatedly realising solar projects in Vietnam, which are then put out to tender for financing by crowdinvestors – and fortunately there is no end in sight yet. Reason enough to take a closer look at what excites investors about investment opportunities in this country in particular. Susanne C.-B., who is herself active in the photovoltaic sector, starts the interview.   

“Due to my profession, I have been dealing with the topic of the energy transition for many years. In the meantime, it has developed into a true project of the heart, which I also pursue privately. It will only be possible to realise the energy transition through a global approach – and that means driving it forward in more distant countries like Vietnam. Unfortunately, this understanding is only just developing in the global finance industry. So far, ethical and sustainable banks that can have a major positive impact on the turnaround in the energy sector through their investment strategies are a rarity.   

It is therefore all the more gratifying to see that some companies like ecoligo are actively working to advance the energy transition in emerging countries and promote the development of renewables. This not only supports the fight against climate change, but also enables sustainable local economic growth.   

I decided to invest specifically in Vietnam for several reasons. On the one hand, I am convinced that the energy transition is a global project and countries like Vietnam will play a major role in it. On the other hand, it was important to me to diversify my portfolio by investing in Vietnam.   

Susanne C.-B.

For me, ecoligo offers a pleasant, unbureaucratic way to promote solar projects all over the world, to advance the expansion of renewables and to bring about a noticeable and measurable change in the global energy landscape with my investments. Even, or especially, when the solar plants are located on the other side of the world, as in the case of projects in Vietnam.”  

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