November: Three solar plants in Vietnam go into operation

Last month, a lot happened in Vietnam in terms of energy transition. Three large solar plants, which have already been partially or fully financed by committed crowdinvestors, went online in November and have been producing clean and low-cost solar electricity ever since.   

All three systems benefit industrial companies in the south of the country, in the immediate vicinity of the metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City. Altogether, all three photovoltaic systems will enable an annual saving of 900 tonnes of CO2 and thus make a major contribution to global climate protection. In addition, the three companies, which employ a total of around 550 people, will be able to save significantly on electricity costs by switching to solar energy.   

These solar plants were connected to the grid in November:   

Solar plant at Viet Roll
November 13th: Viet Roll
Solar system at Thien Nam Elevator
November 16th: Thien Nam Elevator II
Solar panels at Gia Gia Nghi Paper Packing
November 30th: Gia Gia Nghi Paper Packing

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