Investors’ Insights: Why Reinhard D. invests via ecoligo

The motives and motivations behind the numerous investments of our crowdinvestors are as diverse as they are themselves. But almost all crowdinvestors have one thing in common: they want to advance the global energy transition in a sustainable way. Today we hear from Reinhard D. what motivated him to invest.

Crowdinvestor Reinhard D.
Reinhard D.

“I became aware of ecoligo when I was looking for an alternative to investing in shares. I wanted to further diversify my portfolio and was looking for additional investment opportunities. The focus on sustainability seemed very attractive to me. At the same time, great transparency and expertise were also important to me.

Along the way, I have also invested in a wide variety of projects on other platforms. I have to admit that the concept of ecoligo has appealed to me the most so far. The focus on sustainability through the support of clean energy projects and the accompanying support of a sustainable energy transition have convinced me here.

What I particularly liked about ecoligo is that the platform offers targeted investments in solar and renewable energy projects and thus clearly specialises in a specific area instead of being very broadly positioned. The platform is also very simple and clearly laid out.

Reinhard D.

Of course, investments via a crowdinvesting platform are associated with specific risks and I have to develop a certain basic trust in order to make a long-term commitment here. As an investor, ecoligo provides me with a lot of background information on the individual projects, but I also have to trust in the platform that the projects are checked according to strict selection criteria, and only those that meet these requirements are put out to tender for financing. I have not been with ecoligo long enough to make a long-term assessment of any payment delays or even defaults, but I have had no experience to the contrary with ecoligo and have received all repayments on time so far.”

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