Investors’ Insights: Why Ingrid H. invests via ecoligo

Crowdinvestor Ingrid H.
Ingrid H.

Ingrid H., an enthusiastic crowdinvestor, originally found out about ecoligo through her son. She tells us what convinced her about our investment opportunities, how many times she has already recommended the platform to her friends and which projects are particularly close to her heart.  

“After hearing about ecoligo for the first time, my interest was immediately piqued and I looked more closely into the principle of crowdinvesting and the platform in particular. The concept behind it appealed to me straight away, and I was also impressed by the clear and well-structured website. Since then, I have already supported one or two projects. I am especially happy about every new Latin American project that is published on the platform. Having lived in Ecuador myself for some time and worked with local cocoa farmers, any measure that contributes to strengthening the region is of great importance to me.   

What I particularly like about the investment opportunities through ecoligo is that they involve direct project financing. This makes it possible for me to get detailed information about the companies, the solar plants or the exact conditions under which the project will be carried out. This helps me to decide specifically where my money should go.

Ingrid H.

I can also see what effect my investment amount has. This creates trust and transparency. With other investments, such as through an ethical fund, it can be somewhat opaque as to which investment goods or companies the money is going into. Therefore, direct investments like those offered by ecoligo give me a better and safer feeling when investing.

In addition, the aspect of sustainability is very important to me when deciding on an investment. The expansion of renewable energies and above all solar energy is a first big step in the right direction. In the end, however, we will only be able to protect our environment through more efficient use of electricity and a general reduction in global electricity consumption. Until then, I will continue to tell my friends and acquaintances about ecoligo. By now, I think I have already aroused the interest of about twenty of them.”  

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