All good things come in threes: solar plants start producing electricity

These days, the global energy transition has been noticeably advanced through the efforts of crowdinvestors. In the month of October, three solar plants financed through ecoligo went online and started producing clean solar electricity. From now on, two Vietnamese companies and a Kenyan flower farm can benefit twice from the power of the sun: On the one hand, the companies are able to reduce their electricity costs by using solar power and grow sustainably. On the other hand, the CO2 emissions they cause are significantly reduced, thus protecting the environment. Together, all three plants will save 20,476 tonnes of CO2 over their total lifetime.   

The following projects have started producing electricity:   

Solar system at Credible Blooms
October 2nd: Credible Blooms
Solar system at Viet Air Filters
October 2nd: Viet Air Filters
Solar panels at Thai Duong Rubber
October 7th: Thai Duong Rubber

If you too would like to participate in the global energy transition and promote the expansion of renewable energies in emerging markets, find out more about all current solar projects and invest today.