Investors’ Insights: Why Marc G. invests via ecoligo

Crowdinvestor Marc G.
Marc G.

In the Investors Insights series, our crowdinvestors are asked about their varied experiences with ecoligo. It is always nice to receive positive feedback and appreciation for our work from our crowdinvestors. Feedback from those who are themselves experts in the field of renewable energies is particularly significant. As in the case of Marc Grübel, who has not only been using the power of the sun in his private life for many years, but also produces his own podcast on the subject of electric cars and solar cookers with For more than ten years, he and a friend have been conducting interviews on ideas that have the potential to improve our world, including reports on photovoltaic projects. He likes to tell what convinced him as an “old hand” about ecoligo.  

“As a graduate engineer (FH) in electrical engineering, electric driver since 2004 and owner of my own photovoltaic system, the topic of solar energy also appealed to me in the field of investments. After noticing how many restrictions there are in Germany on local energy cooperatives with earnings prospects in the field of renewable energies and especially in photovoltaics, I discovered the possibility of investing my money sensibly in this technology through ecoligo. What particularly suits me is the fact that, thanks to the low minimum investment volume, it is easy to build up a portfolio of several projects. In this way, I can easily achieve a high degree of diversification in many projects and thus reduce the risk of loss. I also contribute to the improvement of sustainable energy supply worldwide, provide development aid with the approach of self-help and can integrate a bond share with attractive interest rates into my portfolio.   

What particularly suits me is the fact that, thanks to the low minimum investment volume, it is easy to build up a portfolio of several project

Marc G.

Generating energy locally has many advantages, as transport problems are eliminated. That is why I prefer solar energy to decentralised alternatives. It’s nice to see that ecoligo works on so many different projects and supports a wide variety of companies. With a transparent insight into the project structure, detailed information about the end customer, the expected output of the photovoltaic system and details of the CO2 savings, I can see exactly what impact my investment is having. This creates trust and gives me confirmation that I have invested my money in a way that is fit for the future.”  

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