ecoligo starts Guarantee Fund to safeguard investors against possible COVID-19 impact

A young female working at her office wearing a surgical mask.

This week, ecoligo began a company-wide period of social distance to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus and support efforts to flatten the curve. For many of us, it’s not a huge change: as a small company spread across 4 continents, remote work is the norm and our internal communication will remain quite consistent. However, we’d like to provide some information related to our business model as well as the measures we are taking to protect investors and continue our journey towards a sustainable future.

ecoligo provides clean energy to businesses in diverse industries and locations. These businesses are not affected by the stock markets or international financial markets. We are also fortunate that the locations in which our projects are located have largely been less affected by the spread of the Coronavirus. However, as the current situation has a global impact, it is possible that one or more of the businesses we provide energy to will be financially affected by the virus. We are monitoring the situation as closely as we can. 

Given the uncertainty beyond our control and the challenging times we are facing, we have decided to put additional safety measures in place. To secure interest and loan payments to the crowdinvestors who fund our projects, we will set up a guarantee fund. This fund will be initially funded with 50,000 € from ecoligo, which will cover payments that are upcoming in the next months. The guarantee fund aims to ensure that payments to crowdinvestors will happen on time, regardless of the global economic situation and whether we would face delayed lease payments by some of our clients or not. We are absolutely aware that the developments are currently very dynamic. We will therefore reassess the situation at regular intervals and plan to further increase the guarantee fund with every new project.

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The guarantee fund shall still stay in place beyond the current COVID-19 pandemic and secure investments at from externalities beyond our control.

As a sustainable business, there are two factors that strike us at the present moment. Firstly, the collective power humans have to change behaviour when we are facing a tangible crisis. And secondly, the drop in CO2 emissions related to the slowdown of the economy. This slowdown has also greatly impacted people around the world; once we have managed the Coronavirus pandemic, the global economy will return to the same or even an increased level of activity to recover and support livelihoods. Consequently, carbon emissions will rise again too.

For us, it is clear: we must decarbonise our global economy. We have the solutions and systems to do so and we believe it’s possible. Watching our projects getting funded by a crowd of impact-driven investors and now watching the collective power we have – whether it’s used to buy groceries for people we know are affected by the virus or sing from the balconies to lift up the community – we know that we can make a difference when we have a common goal. By putting this guarantee in place, we are signifying our commitment to that goal and to our continued efforts to save the planet. The earth is the only planet we have; we must protect it as we protect ourselves and our loved ones.

If you have any questions about the guarantee, please email