ecoligo supports ‘FRIDAYS – The story of a new world’ film

We’re proud to announce that ecoligo will support a new documentary film called FRIDAYS – The story of a new world. The documentary will follow young leaders of climate action as they dedicate their lives to raising awareness of the climate crisis and putting pressure on those in power to act. The film will be produced by fechnerMEDIA, the studio behind THE 4th REVOLUTION, POWER TO CHANGE and more than 80 documentary films showing sustainable action. The team is led by acclaimed filmmakers Carl Fechner and Johanna Jaurich.

Why are we supporting it?

At ecoligo, we are passionate about saving our planet. In our daily business, we work towards lowering carbon emissions through solar energy, but we also believe that as a business we have great potential in working with other initiatives to raise awareness and encourage action, outside of our usual scope. Film is an incredible media for informing, inspiring and changing beliefs.: We see incredible potential in FRIDAYS – The story of a new world and are proud to support the film. 

How can you get involved?

Yes, there’s a way for you to support the film, too! Take part in making history by contributing to the pioneering documentary, either by donating here or becoming an official corporate supporter. The team is in the final stages of funding and every contribution makes a big impact to the success of the film – and to bringing awareness of the climate crisis to the global masses.

Find out more about the film here.