20 million euros for impactful projects

Not too long ago, we celebrated an important milestone: 10 million euros raised from the crowd for our clean energy projects. At that time, four years had passed since we had made the first project available for crowdinvesting. Four years in which we raised our first 10 million euros. Now, just a little more than one year later, we are already celebrating again as we have raised yet another 10 million euros, thus doubling the total crowdinvesting volume in just 13 months.

This enormous increase in crowdinvesting pace is a clear indicator of the crowd’s ever-growing commitment to fight climate change and to do good with their money. Thanks to the more than 21,000 investments made by the crowd, we will be able to implement numerous solar projects across the globe. And with each project, we will be able to create meaningful impact.

But how do we define this impact? What are we going to do with these 20 million euros and who will benefit from them, and how? We have got the answers to all the questions right here:

While we are excited about having reached the milestone of 20 million euros raised, we are ready for so much more. Countless other projects are already waiting to be financed and finally put into operation. With the crowd at our side, we will soon to create even more impact in even less time while continuing to change the world for the better. We cannot wait to reach the next milestone with them.

Do you want to join us in creating meaningful impact across the globe? Check out our solar projects now and make your first impact investment today. Together, we can change the world for the better.