Our vision is to promote global sustainable development by providing businesses with affordable, renewable energy solutions

This is ecoligo

ecoligo provides a fully financed solar-as-a-service solution for businesses in emerging markets. With a complete digital platform for financing and delivering solar projects, we remove the barriers that prevent such projects from being realised. Supplying these businesses with affordable electricity enables them to grow and boost the local economy.

The solar projects are financed through the crowdinvesting platform ecoligo.investments, offering fixed and attractive returns to private investors.

In emerging markets, local businesses are faced with rapidly rising costs of energy and unstable power supply. Additionally, the energy is typically provided by diesel generators or the national grid, both of which burn fossil fuels that damage the environment and contribute to climate change.

Clean, low-cost energy solutions, such as solar power, are both technically and financially viable. However, they are prevented from being implemented by a lack of available finance; international financing associations focus on large scale projects, while local loans are only available with low lead times and high interest rates. Consequently, solar projects with a volume of between €50.000 and €2.5m are not realised, despite their attractiveness.

ecoligo finances solar projects through the ecoligo.investments crowdinvesting platform, working with local partners to build, operate and maintain each solar system. Through pay-per-use solutions, ecoligo’s customers only pay for the energy used, and own the system after the contract ends.  The cost of national grid-generated power in many emerging countries is already high and rising fast: powering their businesses with solar energy leads to cost savings for ecoligo’s clients.

About the team

Martin Baart

Chief Executive Officer

Markus Schwaninger

Chief Financial Officer

ecoligo was founded by Markus Schwaninger and Martin Baart, three years after they met at a solar conference in Kenya in 2013. Thanks to many years of experience in the renewable energy and development cooperation, the two have impressive knowledge of these fields and an extensive professional network. Certified experts for the financing of projects in the areas of climate and renewable energy, Martin and Markus are often asked to speak at conferences and events and provide consultancy on these topics. They are supported in marketing and communications by Emma Patmore. Ezgi Özcan manages ecoligo’s solar projects from development to operations. Client relationships and sales are managed by Rasmus Hansen, who is based in Ghana.

Emma Patmore

Marketing Manager

Ezgi Özcan

Project Manager

Rasmus Hansen

Sales Manager