Every day, the crowdinvestors on ecoligo.investments prove how much is possible together. Their investments on the platform have helped launch 57 solar and energy efficiency projects across three continents, which will save an impressive 126,000 tonnes of CO2. Stats like these continue to demonstrate that climate protection is a combined effort that knows no (national) borders.

Even still, it can be easy to feel small in the fight against climate change. But did you know you can increase the impact of your sustainable by following a few simple practices? We’ll show you how.

Reinvest your payouts

Depending on which projects they support, the crowdinvestors on ecoligo.investments receive annual interest and principal repayments up to four key dates per year. When they reinvest these payments, it can be beneficial to both the planet and the investor.

Reinvesting in additional solar projects not only continues to support global energy transition, it can also be an important pillar of a sustainable investment strategy. That’s because with each new investment, your investment volume increases along with the amount of your next payout. If you take those payouts and reinvest them, after several years your returns can start to generate their own returns due compounding interest, which makes support of clean energy projects even more worthwhile.

Diversify your portfolio

Reinvesting your interest and principal payments also gives you the opportunity to spread your investments across multiple projects, further diversifying your portfolio. By doing this, you can reduce the impact of a potential loss and create more security and stability for your investments as a whole.

In addition, with each reinvestment in a new project, you can further increase your positive influence across multiple countries — helping more and more companies switch to clean, cost-effective solar energy.

Remember that we can achieve more together

When you invest as part of a crowd, your money has the potential to go much further than when you invest on your own. That’s because every investment on ecoligo.investments, large or small, helps each project move one step closer to the finish line — further proof of how much is possible when we work together toward a common goal.

Ready to see how far your investments can go? Take a look at the project page now to learn about open investment opportunities.

How crowdinvestors feel about repayment day at ecoligo.investments

At the end of January, 834 crowd investors received their regular interest and principal payments from ecoligo.investments for projects with a deadline of January 31. As with previous payout rounds, this time all payments were made on time and in full. We asked some of the investors how they feel about the payouts and what they intend to do with the money.

Matthias S.

Matthias S.

“At the end of January, I will receive interest and principal payments from ecoligo.investments for the first time. Thanks to the clear and transparent display of the individual payments in my investor account, I always know exactly when which amount will be paid out and from which project the payment will originate. This transparency creates trust and helps me to always have a good overview of my investments and their repayments. “

– Matthias S.

Katharina D.

Catherine D.

“Even if this is not the first round of payments for me, I am happy about the repayments. A delay in payments by a few months would be acceptable to me, but I generally find it very important that the crowd investors receive their payments in full and as punctually as possible. For the end of January I have firmly decided to use the repayments to finance another project.”

– Katharina D.

Bernd R.

Bernd R.

“So far, I have received all interest payments from ecoligo.investments on time and in full. I am sure that by January 31st I will receive the full interest and repayment for the 50 kWp solar system on the Live Wire packing hall in Kenya in the third year. The investment amount will be repaid in full in one year. As an investor, I can rely on the information and that the deadlines are met. I will make further investments in the chronological order of the interest and repayment payments.”

– Bernd R.

Jürgen E.

Jürgen E.

“The payment was made on time and in full, which immediately gave a good impression and a feeling of security. I like to see the interest payments as a small additional income every three months. As soon as I also receive repayments, I would like to refinance them again. I would like to achieve my goal of investing the acquisition costs of my own fictitious solar system in solar projects via ecoligo.investments as soon as possible.”

– Jürgen E.

If you, too, want to invest in sustainable solar projects and benefit from regular interest and repayment payments, then find out more on the project page about all currently open investment opportunities or register for the newsletter here.