Is fairafric the world’s fairest chocolate company? Although cocoa beans are typically grown in emerging markets, they are typically exported for processing elsewhere. This is what fairafric wants to change. By keeping the entire bean-to-bar process in Ghana, the social business can generate 5x the amount of income compared to the status quo.

fairafric’s impact is far-reaching: from women’s empowerment to education, the jobs created are expected to have a positive effect on the local community as well as the workers and their families.

Even the funding is fair. Both the chocolate factory that’s currently being built in Suhum, Ghana, and the solar project that will power operations have been crowdfinanced by impact-driven individuals.

This makes the fast progress of construction at the fairafric factory not only good news for us, but exciting for everyone involved! Building during a pandemic can’t be easy and we’re really happy to see how fast things are going.

You can see the current status of the factory below and if you want to follow the construction weekly, you can visit fairafric’s site. Installation of ecoligo’s 266 kWp solar system is planned to begin in late September.

When we financed the project on the ecoligo.investments crowdinvesting platform, our Ghana Country Manager Doreen Kanetey-Essel visited the site to kick off the project. It’s great to see the progress made since then and we’re really looking forward to getting the solar system up and running – and to tasting the chocolate, of course!