Transformation of energy sources 

Solar energy is becoming cheaper. So it is an increasingly important source of clean energy in the energy mix. Without subsidies, solar energy can be competitive today. Therefore investments are not only clean, but also attractive and forward in sustainable solar energy projects. The right time for such investments? Now!

Solar energy cheaper than fossil competition

Renewable energy is continuously effective. This makes the success of renewable energy from, whereas fossil fuels remain with their current production costs or tend to be more expensive because the cost of the extraction of raw materials (oil, coal, gas) continues to rise, as the reported PV Magazine .

So also from Bloomberg New Energy Finance  predicted that the cost per MWh for onshore wind by 41% and for solar energy fall by 60% by 2040 . Thus, these two technologies will be in most of the world cheaper than any other electricity generator in the 2020s.

Investment not only of good will

Investments in sustainable energy projects have long been regarded as a niche product for idealists and gooders with moral claim. Nowadays it’s no longer like that. Renewables overtake the traditional fossil fuels, because they are not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but increasingly more cost-effective. They make fossil considerable competition. As reported in the Guardian , many funds lose significant value if they failed to invest in renewable energy projects. Thus News Yorks largest pension fund 2014-2015 135 million US dollars in lost value , due to investments in companies that were active in the field of fossil fuels. For the top 15 funds in Australia led investments in companies in the field fossil fuels at a loss in value of 5.6 billion Australian dollars .

investment Outlook

For a look into the future can be
only natural to ask whether the trend to invest in sustainable energy projects, there are also long-term stays. If from this current trend a megatrend of the future? That is what participants in the global conference to  Milken Institute  asked that deals with change in the world through innovation. The panelists ( Victor Chu , Taimur Hyat , Catherine Keating , Rebecca Patterson , Mike Ramsay ) identified clearly  investing in sustainable energy projects as one of the megatrends that will occupy us in 2040 yet .

How can I participate in this megatrend?

One need not be a major investor to take advantage of the energy transition. Even as a private small investors can participate by about subordinated loans to energy projects that are sustainable and economically. These are for example on platforms such  ecoligo  offered. Here you can depending on your interests, select concrete projects and to participate with 500 to 10,000 EUR in a project with a fixed interest rate. Green investment with a clear conscience and lucrative returns.

Photo: Fabian Blank